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Are You Afraid to Gamble?

How many times have friends and family invited you to join them in the casinos only to turn them down over and over again? It's not that you don't like their company. It's also not that you don't have enough money to travel to casinos or play games online.

What really deters you from playing is not either of the two but more of a personal trust issue you have. You can't trust that you won't fall into the habit of gambling until it becomes a problem once you've tried it.

You've heard about horrible stories of people going bankrupt, losing their lives just because they couldn't control their gambling anymore. You just don't want this to happen to you.

While your reasons are very valid and in fact, it's a personal choice whether you want to try casino games or not. No one can force you to play or gamble. But wouldn't you want to at least try it once just to say you've tried everything once?

Your worries are not baseless but there is a way to have fun gambling without it becoming an addiction you can't control. Surround yourself with people you trust your life with. They will not let anything happen to you, let alone leave you to develop a gambling problem.

Controlled gambling is the key to having a good time in casinos with your friends and family. Controlled gambling means that you plan out how you want to gamble, what games you want to play, and most importantly how much money you are going to allot per game.

If you are a responsible gambler, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy casino games once in awhile, especially in the company of people you are close to. The point is to always go in groups and to always watch each other's backs.

This way, should one of you start to show signs of wanting to play more despite using up all your gambling money; the others will be there to pull this one out and keep them away from the games already.

There's no judgment if you are afraid to gamble. After all, the horror stories about gambling are really enough to let one not touch casinos with a ten-foot pole.

But, should you want to try it just once to get your friends off your back, just be a responsible person and know when to stop playing. In the end you will have had a good time and you can truly say if casinos are just not your thing.

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